What Is Physik Invest?

The business was founded in 2020 by Renato Leonard Capelj as a place for the self-directed trader to share his methods, research, and performance. Since then, the company has evolved and may soon offer research, consulting, trading, and asset management solutions, pending the creation of a proper business structure to support such an effort.

As a disclaimer, Physik Invest and Capelj are not in the business of providing advice; their comments should not be construed as recommendations. Derivatives do carry a substantial risk of loss.

At this time, Capelj and Physik Invest are non-professional advisors. They won’t solicit the public for capital or collect fees and disbursements.

Who Is Renato L. Capelj?

Renato Leonard Capelj is a multilingual economics graduate working in finance and journalism. His journey in markets began in high school when cryptocurrencies started to rage. It was 2011 or so, and, back then, he was super fascinated by the notion one could make a living in the markets. Fast forward a couple of years, he pursued economics in college and spent much free time studying how markets worked.

After graduating college in 2019, Capelj’s dream was to take a shot at studying markets full-time with the hope of being able to trade profitably for a living. He had two significant problems: capital and a lack of direction.

He applied to many financial institutions and emailed countless executives. One executive who responded and offered an opportunity was Jason Raznick, the CEO at Benzinga, a prominent content provider to brokerages and news outlets. Capelj used the Benzinga opportunity to get closer to his goal: trade profitably for a living.

In interviewing top traders, he learned where he needed to look and what he needed to work on to better his chances. After years of self-education, strategy development, and mentorship, Capelj secured the capital to begin trading full-time. He transitioned to a part-time role at Benzinga, allowing him to continue building his network and weather bad trading periods.

In 2020, Capelj founded the Physik Invest brand to detail his methods, research, and market performance. Later, he joined SpotGamma as an equity options analyst in 2021 to add to his market understanding. There, Capelj spent most of his time distilling the structure, pricing, and trade of options and how the last mentioned, in the aggregate, influence market volatility for the firm’s clients. SpotGamma insights have been featured by the likes of Reuters and Bloomberg. 

In 2023, Capelj left SpotGamma. Now, he spends most of his time building Physik Invest. Separately, he remains at Benzinga as a part-time journalist and Head of Fintech Strategy, interviewing global leaders in government, business, and finance, such as famed investor Kevin O’Leary, ARK Invest’s Catherine Wood, North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, Lithuania’s Minister of Economy and Innovation Aušrinė Armonaitė, and former Cisco chairman and CEO John Chambers.

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Graphic: Text retrieved from Physik Invest’s Daily Brief sent free to subscribers on February 3, 2023.

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