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Good question. A proper introduction is necessary first.

I’m Renato! I’m super passionate about financial markets. I trade, write for Benzinga, and my publications have been featured on Yahoo, Markets Insider, MarketWatch, Entrepreneur, and more!

My journey in markets started in high school when crypto was just beginning to rage. Back then, I was super enthusiastic and fascinated by the notion one could make a living in the markets. Fast forward a couple of years, I pursued economics in college and spent much of my free time, outside of school and work, studying how markets worked. Everything from options volatility and pricing, the implications of credit and positioning, to market profile and order flow analytics. If you knew me personally, I never spoke about this. The reason being, I had no one person to relate with on this.

After graduating college, my dream was to take a shot at studying markets full-time with the hope of eventually being able to trade profitably, for a living. I had two major problems: capital and a lack of direction.

Therefore, I started searching for a cool job, applying to many financial institutions, and emailing countless executives. One executive who responded and offered me an opportunity was Jason Raznick, the CEO at Benzinga, the largest content provider to brokerages and news outlets. I used this opportunity to get closer to my ultimate goal: trade profitably for a living; in my interviewing of top traders, I learned where I needed to look and the things I needed to work on to improve my chances.

After securing the capital necessary to begin trading full-time, I transitioned to a part-time role at Benzinga which allowed me to continue building my network and weather the days when trading wasn’t going so well. Later, I founded the Physik Invest brand to detail my methods, research, and performance in the markets.

Given that my dream is to manage assets that are not my own, there is no better way to showcase my strengths and knowledge than the Physik Invest letter and website.

Hence, I’d like to introduce you to Physik Invest’s Market Intelligence newsletter. By subscribing to this newsletter you will get a glimpse into the following:

  • The implications of credit and positioning.

  • Impactful events in finance and technology.

  • Technical commentary for index products.

  • Media on emerging trends and hot topics.

Graphic: Text retrieved from Physik Invest’s Daily Brief sent free to subscribers on February 3, 2023.

If you subscribe, you have nothing to lose. You either get value out of the newsletter or you don’t. In the case of the latter, it’s easy to unsubscribe. Hope that wasn’t too long. Want to connect? Email renato@physikinvest.com.

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Renato L. Capelj
Trading at Physik Invest. Reporting at Benzinga. Insights at SpotGamma. Email: renato@physikinvest.com Website: https://physikinvest.com/
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